Production of Refined Petroleum Products ('000 Metric Ton)

The dataset shows production of refined petroleum products ('000 Metric Ton) in United Arab Emirates from 2009 until 2015

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Last Updated July 27, 2020, 10:06 (GST)
Created August 28, 2017, 15:34 (GST)
Defenition Oil: liquid hydrocarbons of fossil origin that include (crude oil) (liquids extracted from natural gas), natural gas liquids (products that are completely or partially extracted from oil refining operations, and (functionally similar liquid hydrocarbons with plant and animal origin). Natural gas liquids: are a mixture of ethane, propane and butane (regular) and (iso) and pentane (iso) and some higher alkanes in the pentane plus, and are produced in conjunction with oil or natural gas and are removed in field installations or gas separation stations before the sale phase and all Its components, with the exception of ethane, are filled with liquid form on the surface or liquefied for production reasons. Natural gas: a mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons, especially methane. It also contains in general ethane, protein, and higher hydrocarbons in much smaller quantities and some non-combustible gas such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Oil refineries are plants that convert crude oil and other hydrocarbon materials (existing and natural gas liquids) into final petroleum products, from the final products liquefied gases, naphtha, gasoline, concentrated gasoline, Oil products: Products that can be obtained from crude oil, conventional oils, or oil and gas field gases, and can be produced during the process of refining conventional crude and unconventional oils, or during the process of separating natural gas from gases extracted from oil and gas fields. Production: is the capture, extraction or manufacture of fuels or energy in their ready-to-use forms. Marketed Gas Production: The total production excludes the amount of re-injected gas, gas burned, venting and gases that came out during the manufacturing process and includes the quantities used in the field and the processing operations in the gas production station. Exports: It includes all fuels and other energy products from the national territory. Re-export: Goods that are transported across a country and that are exported in the same condition they were when they were imported. Imports: It includes all fuels and other energy products entering the national territory.
End year 2015
Last update 2018
Method of calculation Count of total production
Source Ministry of Energy & Industry
Standards Used Classification of products and energy sources by Standard International Energy Product Classification (SIEC) Classification of Energy Products for Export and Import by Harmonized Description and Coding System Commodity (HS2012) "
Start Year 2009
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